Reclaim your HEALTH & VITALITY
one delicious bite at a time
with Australia’s leading live food nutrition authority

You can now free yourself from many diseases, aches, pains
& unwanted weight quickly & naturally by following our easy,
one step at a time online program, the Live Food Challenge

If you are serious about finding lasting and exceptional changes in your health, happiness and wellbeing the Live Food Challenge will guide educate and motivate you to achieve your health goals, be it:
  • weight loss – with mouth watering recipes and no calorie counting
  • clear skin – get the "glow" from the inside out
  • more energy – this happens fast
  • clear thinking – eat the right foods to clear the fog and feed your brain
  • stable emotions – feel calmer, happier and more at peace as your biochemistry comes into balance
  • freedom from allergies – so many allergies are diet related and easily reversed
  • relief from chronic and degenerative diseases – let food be your medicine
  • stronger immune system – eating delicious biologically suitable foods will do it
The Live Food Challenge is a world’s first program of its kind
that has been specifically designed to challenge you
& inspire you to take action & create radiant health
from comfort of your home

The LiFE Challenge features:
  • a guided 12 month program which is tailored to meet your individual needs. Discover your unique biological body type and the foods which will truly nourish and support you in optimal health. You will have the option to customise the program to suit your current lifestyle and needs.
  • an online community who will support you in making the transition to a healthier lifestyle easy and fun. Through the LiFE online members-only social network (like a mini Facebook) you will be inspired and supported by LiFE team members and like-minded friends with whom you can share your progress worldwide.
  • five new recipe videos every month to show you step by step how to prepare live food meals which are not only highly nutritious but incredibly delicious!
  • 168 new luscious living food recipes over 12 months – finding a delicious healthy meal to make will never be an issue again!
  • interactive webinars (online classroom training sessions) with Anand and Runi and other health experts to inspire and educate you to stay focussed and on track. You will also have the opportunity to have your questions answered here.
  • Dr Fred Bisci PhD’s powerful and easy to follow eating plan – Fred a US nutritionist who recently entered his 9th decade in glowing health offers 45 years of personal and clinical experience. His eating plan is tried, tested and meets you where you are.
  • online live food nutrition modules to help you understand the science behind a predominantly plant based live food approach and to show you what is really possible with high quality nutrition.
  • monthly "challenges" or missions. This is where you get to apply what you have learnt in a fun and positive way. Each challenge has three levels from easy to more difficult, so you get to set the pace and intensity of your LiFE program.

The truth is most of us haven’t been taught how to prepare
meals that are both delicious and truly nourishing
  • Are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin creating healthy meals?
  • Do you find the conflicting information about health and diet confusing?
  • Would you like to slow down aging, reverse health complaints and rarely get sick again?
If any of the above resonates with you and you are serious about living a long, healthy, vibrant life the Live Food Challenge is for you.

As experienced health educators and lovers of fine food, Anand Wells and Runi Burton (founders of the Green Smoothie Challenge) have created exceptional health in their own lives through diet and lifestyle without compromising on taste or pleasure. They now share their knowledge and experience through their seminars and online programs and have helped more than 10 000 people achieve their health goals world-wide.

If you are concerned that eating a healthier diet
may be restrictive and boring, we have some
great news for you.

Before dramatically improving my eating habits nearly 7 years ago, I was worried that a healthy diet meant I would be deprived of one of my greatest pleasures in life: eating delicious, tasty and satisfying food. I imagined that a healthy diet would mean a Spartan torturous existence eating rabbit food and I wasn’t about to sacrifice taste for health.

If you can relate to my story I have some very good news for you!

Top chefs from around the world have created literally thousands
of mouthwatering gourmet recipes using only life-enhancing ingredients.
No refined sugar, dairy, flour, animal products or cooking are involved.

On the menu is chocolate avocado pie with divine berry sauce, cashew cheez cake, spicy nut balls with sweet and sour sauce, coconut ice-cream plus many more. You simply won't believe your tastebuds!

If you would like to begin adding these and many more delicious, life enhancing meals to your repertoire the Live Food Challenge will really support you and open up your horizons in the kitchen with:

  • Step by step instructions on the how, why and what of gourmet live food preparation.
  • Clear and simple guidance on how you can best use live food kitchen equipment.
  • How to improvise and delight your friends and family with delicious meals that are really good for you.

The Live Food Challenge online program will show you how to increase the amount of living foods in your diet one bite at a time in a creative and enjoyable way.

The best investment you will ever make
It's only expensive when you don’t do it
(even billionaires overlook this one!)

Have you ever sat down and made and inventory of where you spend your time and money? Having an honest look at how we prioritise our lives can be a very revealing exercise. For instance, do you find:

  • you are too busy making a living to exercise and prepare or eat nutritious meals?
  • that eating healthy, organic food is too expensive?
  • you and your body come last or are not even mentioned on your daily to-do lists?

If you answer yes to any or all of the above you are not alone.

It seems that our society has taught us to value economic security and accumulating possessions over personal health and well-being. I recently read of a prominent billionaire who died at 68 years of age after years of battling chronic degenerative disease.

No matter what your sociol-economic status,
without your health it is impossible to enjoy life to its fullest.

Now imagine living your life like this:

  • you wake up in the morning and bounce out of bed full of energy and enthusiasm (no matter what your age)
  • you have forgotten what it is like to be sick, pay no medical bills and can’t even remember the last time you had a cold
  • you are clear headed, creative and highly productive at work
  • people regularly compliment you on your clear eyes and youthful complexion
  • you just feel good most of the time
  • you maintain an ideal weight, despite most people of your age putting it on
You can have all of this with the Live Food Challenge!

Do you have an action plan for creating vibrant health?

In Australia more than 98% of healthcare funding is spent on
managing disease symptoms, less than 2% on education and prevention
and 0% on vibrant health creation.

Just as a financial plan is essential to wealth creation so is an action plan essential for creating vibrant health. The best way to achieve things in life is to set a goal, create a plan and regularly review the plan to monitor progress. Most people, however, leave their health, their most valuable asset, up to chance.

  • Would you like to create and maintain optimum health but don't know how to navigate your way through the maze of conflicting information?
  • Have you tried to make changes but have lacked the support to enable you to maintain lasting transformation?
  • Have you 'read all the books' but haven’t found ‘the key’ that inspires you into action?

If any of the above rings true and you are committed to breaking through to new levels of radiant health then the Live Food Challenge is for you.

Everyone knows that to create radiant health we need to eat
more fresh fruit and vegetables and less processed foods.
The question is "why are so few doing it?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that at least 2.7 million lives could be saved each year if fruit and vegetable consumption increased. Their research has found that a diet high in fruits and vegetables is associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Despite widespread knowledge of the importance of fruits and vegetables only 32% of adults consume at least two servings of fruit per day and only 27% eat three or more servings of vegetables per day.

So what's the problem?

Put simply, our society has become conditioned and addicted to the overconsumption of easily-available, stimulating, highly-processed foods, leaving many people disempowered regarding their food choices and susceptible to declining health.

  • Are you committed to eating more healthfully and would like to know how to prepare fruits and vegetables in exotic and enticing ways?
  • When faced with a choice between eating fresh foods and processed foods do you find it difficult to opt for the healthy option?
  • Do you find it challenging to maintain structure around your meal times or that overeating leads to even more overeating and weight gain has now become the norm?

If any of the above rings true and you are committed to breaking through to new levels of radiant health then the Live Food Challenge is for you.

The Live Food Challenge delivers:

  • Video demonstrations of more than 52 of the most vibrant, delicious living food recipes to literally let your tastebuds (rather than your willpower) tantalise you towards vibrant health. Plus an additional 116 mouth-watering recipes PDF's
  • A powerful 12 month program that creates a fundamental shift in your paradigm around eating and contains 12 action-orientated challenges that make transforming your relationship with food easy and fun.
  • Webinars and learning modules delivered by Australia's leading Living Foods Educators, Anand Wells and Runi Burton, that introduce you to the extraordinary world of living foods where fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sea vegetables are transformed into vibrant gourmet delights.
No matter what your starting point is,
each challenge is a bite sized, achievable step
upon which you can build a solid foundation
for lasting health, happiness and longevity.

You'll be surprised to know that it is often the most simple change or insight that makes a dramatic difference in your wellbeing.

Here is what you will get in just the first month of the Live Food Challenge.

The Introduction

The introduction includes the following video modules:

  1. Life website tutorial – how to navigate and get the most from the LiFE members social network area
  2. The Live Food Challenge Program – how to maximise your results in the program
  3. A new paradigm for health – creating the mindset required for glowing health
  4. The 12 challenges – explained
Challenge# 1 Increase Living Foods

Eating high amounts of living-foods is the ultimate diet for renewal, wellbeing and longevity. During this challenge you'll discover how to easily increase the amount of living-foods in your diet (especially leafy greens)

Challenge #1 includes the following video learning modules:

  1. Why raw food? – the science behind why living foods work
  2. Nutrient loss – How to avoid nutrient loss in food preparation
  3. Antioxidants – Where to get them and why they are important for your health and longevity
  4. Enzymes – why are they such a big deal and what do they do
  5. Leukocytosis – how the body sees cooked and processed foods as a foreign invader
  6. Green Smoothies – the easiest way to rapidly take charge of your health
  7. Cleansing reactions – what is a cleansing reaction and how you will benefit from them.

Live food recipes videos for Challenge #1

  • Green Smoothie – a fast delicious recipe packed with enzymes and phytonutrients to balance and energise your body and clear your mind.
  • Asian Citrus Salad Dressing – a quick and healthy alternative to processed dressings
  • Sprouted Hummus – brimming with life force and way more delicious than the cooked version
  • Kale Salad – tasting is believing and this is simply one of the best salad recipes ever!
  • Choctastic Banana Icecream – A 100% healthy dessert which is loved by kids and adults alike.

Other live food recipe PDF’s for Challenge #1

  • Bok choy smoothie – an awesome green smoothie with an Asian twist
  • Kale smoothie – greens are where it is at and Kale is the king of greens
  • Pear and Rocket Salad – elegant and alive
  • Parmesan Cheez – a very tasty dairy free alternative
  • Middle Eastern Salad – parsley never tasted this good before
  • Celery Soup – the perfect winter soup served warm (not hot)
  • Chop Suey – Stirred but not fried - delight you tastebuds with raw Chinese
  • Kale Chips – create a wonderful healthful substitute for potato chips
  • Cashew Mushroom Pasta – create spaghetti from zucchinis /courgettes – you won’t believe it’s not wheat pasta.
  • Vietnamese Lettuce Parcels – use lettuce leave cups to create a delicious and attractive dish.
Mission Sheet

Each month you will download your mission sheet. This is where you will get all the instructions you need to maximise your results from the challenge. During your first month’s mission you will:

  • Write down your health goals and preferred outcomes for the Live Food Challenge
  • Make a 7 day inventory of your eating and lifestyle habits – this can be very revealing!
  • Choose your level of participation for Challenge #1
  • Learn how to use the LiFE Social Network

Take action and carry out your first mission as listed on the mission sheet Make some new delicious living food recipes.

Choose your level of participation

You can participate in each challenge at a level that suits you. There are 3 levels:

  1. Easy
  2. Moderate
  3. Challenging

You don’t need to participate at the same level throughout all 12 challenges. Ideally you want to choose a level that is not too easy and not too hard. Here is a general guideline for choosing your Challenge level:

Easy is for those of you who are new to healthy eating and living. If you have been regularly consuming junk foods, processed foods, refined sugar and carbohydrates, conventionally grown produce and factory farmed animal protein, smoking cigarettes, taking pharmaceutical or recreational drugs or drinking alcohol this is the level for you.

Moderate is for those of you who have already began you journey to eating healthier foods. Your diet consists of over 50% wholefoods and choose organic produce. You infrequently eat junk foods and limit your use of alcohol, drugs and caffeine.

Easy is for those of you who rarely if ever consume processed foods, conventionally grown foods, animal protein, drugs, caffeine and alcohol etc. You may already be eating a diet high in living foods, have experience with cleansing reactions and know the body’s natural ability to heal itself first hand.

The levels are just a guideline and you may find that your fall in between levels. At the end of 12 months we expect you will all be at either the intermediate or advanced levels.

Challenge #1 also includes an exclusive video interview with living foods pioneer Dr Fred Bisci which will really help set you up for a successful Live Food Challenge.

And this is just month #1 of your Live Food

There is way too much content to list all 12 challenges in detail here, so below is an overview of what you can expect during the following 11 months on the Live Food Challenge.

Challenge #2 Replace Harmful Foods (Part 1)

During this challenges you’ll reduce or replace the 3 of the most commonly consumed harmful food groups, refined sugars, refined carbohydrates and refined fats and oils with delicious healthy alternatives.

Challenge #3 Replace Harmful Foods (Part 2)

During this challenges you’ll reduce or replace another of the most commonly consumed harmful food groups, factory farmed animal products including meat, dairy and eggs with delicious healthy alternatives.

Challenge# 4 Cleanse

Cleansing is the express road to radiant health. During this challenge you’ll perform some simple cleanses which will allow your body to eliminate toxins and rejuvenate itself. You’ll also explore juicing, fasting, low GI diets and breaking addictions to stimulants.

Challenge # 5 Sweat

Diet alone is not enough; our bodies are designed to move. In these modules we will be exploring some of the most effective and healing forms of exercise available today. You will also learn about the phenomenal properties of water and the benefits of different water purifying systems.

Challenge # 6 Fine Tune

During this challenge you’ll fine tune your way of eating and develop a plan along with guidelines that will support you nutritionally, psychologically and socially. You’ll learn how to listen to your body’s natural wisdom and identify the correct macronutrient ratios you need to thrive.

Challenge #7 Maximise Nutrition

This challenge focuses on maximizing nutrient density. Nutrition You'll learn some fabulous recipes that address common nutrient deficiencies and as well as learn about the importance of minerals, why organic food is nutritionally superior and about power-packed super-foods for enhancing your vitality.

Challenge #8 Break Food Addictions

Food addiction has a physiological, psychological and spiritual basis. During this challenge you’ll take a close look at situations where you may not be in control of your food choices and learn effective techniques for breaking through addiction. You’ll also learn about body awareness, dealing with stress, meditation and calming food choices.

Challenge #9 Deep Cleanse

During this month you’ll explore effective methods for removing toxins from the body, including heavy metal chelation, infrared saunas, as well as intestinal and organ cleansing with herbs and colonic irrigation. You’ll learn about physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation through fasting.

Challenge #10 Grow Your Own

Fresh is best and there is nothing more delightful than Your Own picking food from your own garden. This month we’ll show you how to grow sprouts, find edible foods in the wild, build a wonderful, lowmaintenance veggie garden, make fermented foods and grow wheat grass.

Challenge #11 Go Organic

Your health depends not only on what you put in your body but on what your body comes into contact with. During this challenge you’ll minimise harmful toxins in your home and environment. Topics include personal care and cleaning products, EMF’s indoor air pollution, and plastic containers.

Challenge #12 Celebrate

Celebrating life is an integral part of wellbeing. During this challenge you’ll be introduced to decadently delicious party foods for kids and adults as well as some exquisite mocktails. This final month is all about acknowledging ourselves and others, sharing, and having to have fun with food.

Remember in addition to the challenges, each month you'll receive something special, including videos showing you how to make divine living food meals, recipe books, and exclusive interviews with leading living food and well-being experts.

Here are just some of the inspirational exclusive
interviews and talks with raw food and wellness
experts that we have lined up for you.

Our experts expose their personal journeys, discuss the hottest topics
in the livingfood lifestyle and explore many fascinating areas
not discussed in their books.

  • Victoria Boutenko, award-winning author of Green for Life, 12 steps to Raw Foods, Green Smoothie Revolution & Raw Family Signature Dishes.

    Victoria travels the world sharing current scientific research in living'food and her family's inspiring story of recovery from arrhythmia, edema, obesity, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, hyperthyroidism, juvenile diabetes and asthma.
  • Dr Gabriel Cousens, author of Conscious Eating, Spiritual Nutrition, There is a Cure For Diabetes, Depression Free for Life and featured in Simply Raw.

    Dr Cousens is founder of the Tree of Life rejuvenation centre and is the leading expert in the natural healing of diabetes and depression.
  • Dr Fred Bisci, author of Your Healthy Journey.

    Dr Bisci is a clinical nutritionist who has helped over 35,000 people to dramatically transform their health with his highly effective, user-friendly plan.
  • Valya Boutenko, maker of the documentaries Overcoming the Food Imprint and Reversing the Irreversible, and co-author of Fresh and Raw Family.
  • Craig 'Nature' Sommers, author of the very readable and informative Raw Foods Bible.
  • Felix Schoener, award-winning living-food chef.
  • Lance Schuler, one of the world’s leading yoga teachers and teacher trainer and long time live fooder.
  • Susan Schuler, a Fasting and Natural Hygiene expert and long time live fooder.

Friends on The Path
The Live Food Challenge Wellness Social Network

In order to succeed in implementing positive lifestyle changes, immersing yourself in a supportive, likeminded community that is committed to wellbeing is a golden key to transforming your lifestyle and health.

As a participant in the program you will receive free 12-month access to the LiFE Wellness Social Network, a private, online group along the lines of Facebook, which serves as a dynamic venue where you can share your progress and connect with other members, as well as receive mentoring, advice and encouragement from experienced LiFE leaders.

To do a program like this would usually cost you in
excess of $1500, however, to make this
life changing program available to
as many people as possible we are offering you a special
introductory price of
only $99AUD ($99US approx)
for the whole 12 months.
That’s about the price of one cup of coffee
$1.80AUD a week!

(Please note we will be increasing the price of the Live Food Challenge in 2010)

The Live Food Challenge really is an investment in your and your family's health and well-being. Reclaim your health and vitality now and begin your Live Food Challenge today.

The Live Food Challenge comes with a
30 day, 100% money back guarantee.

If you decide that the Live Food Challenge
is not right for you, for any reason,
just let us know within 30 days of joining
and we will refund your investment in full.